Springtime is the Right Time...

Spring is the right time to do lots of things..... There are many dos and don'ts for spring cleanup.

Starting with the Dos;

  1. Now is the best time to start splitting your perennials, the moist environment and cool nights have are conducive to successful splitting and transplanting.
  2. Wising you had planted garlic last fall? You might still have a small window to get some in the ground right now for an early fall harvest.
  3. Grass seed thrives and grows best in cool temperatures, get out and start over seeding your lawn in the next few weeks to have highest germination rates not to mention Mother Nature will water your new grass for free for most of April and May.

A couple of Don'ts:

  1. Now is not the time to prune your spring flowering shrubs. Cutting back things like lilac, forsythia and magnolias will remove their flower buds that they worked so hard last season to produce, making you wait patiently until next spring to have blooms again.
  2. The ground is still fully saturated and walking on your turf right now can cause serious damage. Staying off your lawn until there are no visible foot prints when stepping on it is your best indicator of when to work or play on your grass.
  3. Now is the time for a light spring fertilizer, but too much nitrogen can damage your grass and the soil. By adding to much Nitrogen it shocks your turf in to high gear and can also destroy the fragile natural biology in the soil that is necessary for a healthy lawn and garden. Keep in mind that fertilizer can be harmful to your pets so always read and follow the directions to prevent harming your furry friends.