Garden Solutions From Your Cupboards: Part 3

So to wrap up our Blog Blitz this weekend we have 2 more tips on how to care naturally for your garden. ladybug


I recommend both of these highly.  The dish soap (not detergent) has oodles of applications in the garden.  The nice thing about it is that it isn’t going to harm as many of the good bugs in your garden as store bought pesticides.  Often when you have an infestation of one pest you also have an infestation of another insect that is feeding on them (i.e. aphids get eaten by lady bugs) using harsh chemicals will kill both insects when only one type that is causing physical damage.  Just like we need good bacteria in our digestive system to survive, the landscape needs good bacteria and insects to survive as well.

Dish Soap:

This easy to use application of 50:1 water to soap is a great way to naturally control pests in your garden.  By spraying plants that are infested thoroughly (top and bottom of the foliage) you can keep their numbers to a low enough level to not have any noticeable damage.  There are other additions you can add to the spray from baking soda or hot sauce or cayenne to stop the guys in their tracks.  Hint for those who feed the birds.  Adding a hot sauce and water spray to your bird seed will deter small animals. Birds are immune to the heat from peppers and it won’t bother them at all but it will offend squirrels, bunny’s raccoons and skunks and stop them from munching on your seeds. 

Soap is also a great way to kill those pesky Japanese beetles, fill a bucket with soapy water, place it under the plant that has these little buggers and gently bump the plant. When the Japanese beetles are disturbed their response is to immediately drop to the ground (but in this case in to your bucket) once caught you have put their “sexy party” on your plants to a stop. Less “sexy parties” equals less Japanese beetles next year. The best time to do this is first thing in the am while they are still slow and groggy.

Baking Soda:

This regular every day baking aid can assist you in a few ways in your garden.  By adding baking soda water and soap you can create a spray to treat powdery mildew. You can sprinkle it in the cracks of your driveway or patio to kill and inhibit weed growth (regular table salt works well to).  It can also kill crab grass that is in patches in your lawn by wetting down the patch and sprinkling it on to coat the blades. 


Thanks for stopping by and reading, hope you have enjoyed our blog blitz weekend! If you have any landscaping question feel free to head over to our facebook page and ask us some questions, maybe your inquiry will be next week’s blog topic! Happy first weekend in June everyone!