Garden Solutions From Your Cupboards: Part 1

800px-Royal Botanical Gardens Lilac CelebrationOur gardens require a lot of love and attention, but sometimes our love just isn't enough, and we need a bit of help from products to assist us with our goal of achieving an amazing landscape.

Often when we find sad plants in our garden we run to the store to buy fertilizer, soil, or any other product our friendly garden center employees recommend.  A little known secret is that most of us have garden solutions in our cupboards and medicine cabinets.  These quick tricks can save you time and money and will have the same effect as store bough alternatives.

Fist thing to know about store bought fertilizers is that they are great for the short term; they provide instant gratification by “juicing up” our plants.  The majority of these fertilizers are synthetically derived from nonrenewable resources that are great for the Canadian economy but not sustainable.  Every time we apply synthetic fertilizers to our gardens, we destroy the natural ecology of the soil.  This ecology is what keeps our plants healthy over the long term, reducing our watering costs and increasing their longevity.  By using natural remedies rather than synthetic products, we can reduce our impact on the earth and reduce our expenditures.  Check back daily all weekend for the next part of this 3 part story that will help you have a beautiful garden all summer this year.