Spring Nematodes

Well this spring has been cool and wet. What a change compared to last year; but this gives us a small window to apply spring nematodes.

These Little guys can be a world of benefit to our lawns and our only tool we have in London to battle those highly damaging pests.

The first step to a highly effective IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is monitoring, so if you are seeing those little skunks and raccoon's tearing apart spots in your lawn you have a grub issue.

If left untreated those little guys will emerge from your lawn as mature beetles, have "sexy parties" and lay their eggs in your turf and start the cycle over again.

It does take up to 3 years to go through the life cycle so don't be discouraged if it does not instantly seem effective, those little (microscopic) guys are down there doing their jobs. 

Here is a great article explaining all about nematodes if you would like a bit more info.


We will be booking appointments early next week for application so call the office or email asap to make sure you don't miss this great opportunity to help out your lawn.